COMRADES 2020 ..... Let's go Viral !!

Following the amazing generosity of everyone who supported my fundraiser in celebration of my 20th consecutive Comrades Marathon in 2019, a number of people have asked me to provide this opportunity again in 2020. So here it is - supporting the orphans of our country through World Vision South Africa!
World Vision South Africa is one of the official Comrades Marathon charities, and one that we have personally supported for many years.
Organizations that care for children are always special!
As this will be my 21st consecutive Comrades Marathon, perhaps the goal needs to be R21,000 for World Vision?
So....I invite donations of R21, R210 (R2,100?!?) or really, just what you feel led to donate.... Thank-you so much!

Just as Comrades is achieved one step at a time - this goal will be achieved one donation at a time! Please spread the word to family, friends and work colleagues!

How to make your Donation

There are two ways :
1.On my Comrades fundraising page, by credit card :

My fundraising page will appear; click on MAKE A DONATION and follow the instructions. You may use for the notification if you don't want to enter your email.
If you're not keen to use your credit card, you can do an EFT by using the second method below....

2. You may pay by EFT to the Buddy Adverts bank account. Buddy Adverts will transfer your donation to the fundraising account.
Banking Details:
Buddy Adverts, Capitec Bank, Branch No: 470010, Account No: 145 030 7386, Ref: COMRADES
Please put your name and Comrades as the beneficiary reference.
(NB: EFT only, bank deposits not accepted).
If you use this method but still wish to leave a message on the fundraising page, please email, giving your name, amount donated and message.

Comrades 2020 details

Comrades 2020, on 14 June 2020, is the 95th edition of the Ultimate Human Race.
It is a Down Run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, starting at 0530 with the final cut-off at 1730.
The distance is 90.2km.
The race is limited to 27,500 runners, an increase from the 25,000 of 2019.
Full details are available on the Comrades website :

World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice.
Learn more at

Donations so far

Number of donations
Total amount raised R210

The donations page is now open (see block on left...)


Buddy Adverts is partnering with us in this challenge, in particular providing the EFT banking opportunity for those who prefer to donate in this way.
Please go to the Home page to read about the vision of Buddy Adverts and how you can place an advert.
Please also invite your home church to become a participating church in Buddy Adverts then we can also help your buddies!

The significance of 20 consecutive Comrades Marathons.....
The year 2000 saw the highest number of entries for the Comrades Marathon, due in large part to the extension of the final cut off time to 12 hours. Of the 24,505 entrants, 8,492 were novices, of which 8,250 actually started the race. 7,921 of these novices completed the race and earned their first Comrades medal, ie 96.0% of the novices who started the race finished before the final cutoff. This compares to 83.7% for the overall field, ie 20,047 runners out of the total 23,961 who started the race finished before the 12 hour cut-off. The class of 2000 was clearly built of sterner stuff than the average runner! In 2001, 3,115 of the year 2000 novices returned to attempt their second medal. As the years went by, fewer and fewer of the year 2000 novices returned to earn ongoing consecutive medals, such that in 2013 only 35 of the original 8,250 novices earned their 14th consecutive medal. In 2014, 33 of these runners started, with 29 earning their 15th medal. In 2015, 27 earned their 16th medal, in 2016, 25 earned their 17th medal, in 2017, 23 earned their 18th medal and in 2018 all 21 who started finished in time to earn their 19th consecutive medal. With entries for the 2019 Comrades Marathon now closed, only 17 of the remaining Year 2000 consecutive finishers have entered; it now remains to be seen if all 17 make it to the start line on 9 June 2019....