How to place an advert in Buddy Adverts

Placing an advert is easy! Simply:

  • Download the Application Form
  • Fill in your details on the form
  • Read the Terms and Conditions page – placing an advert confirms your acceptance thereof
  • EFT your payment to the Buddy Adverts bank account (details on the Form)
  • Scan and email the Application Form and your proof of payment to [email protected]

Cost to place an advert

Adverts are either placed monthly, or are placed up until the end of the current year.

All adverts are then renewed in November to take effect from the following January.

The cost is the same for all adverts. Adverts cost R50 per month, but with a discounted maximum cost of R400 in any year. So, for 1 to 7 months you pay R50 per month, but for 8 to 12 months you pay R400.

However, Participating Churches are entitled to 2 free adverts each year, to advertise aspects of their church – contact Ian at [email protected] for details.

Download the application form: Application Form

Donation Basis...

From January 2018 you may place an advert for a small donation or even for free! If you are unable to afford the small cost of placing an advert, then please feel free to simply make a donation or place it for free. The idea of Buddy Adverts is to help our buddies by making use of their services where possible, and therefore it is also logical that, if our buddies are struggling financially, we want them to still be able to advertise even if they cannot afford to do so, without feeling embarrassed. See the details on the Application Form….